Do you ever feel like you’re not doing well at something? Like life? Or being a parent? Or at your job? How about all of those things at the same time? No? It’s just me? Ok, well I can tell you that I often feel like I’m doing a pretty shitty job everywhere – work, home, being a parent, being a partner, being a friend. It’s really hard, when I’m stretched so thin all the time to feel like I’m doing a good job anywhere. Most days I’ll settle for doing an ok job at 70% of stuff. And more and more, I’m ok with this. If I’m doing a 70% job at most things, I call that a successful day. Some days I hit 50%, some days 90% (these are rare, btw). Averaging that out, I hit 70%.

i wish i knew who designed this because it’s probably my favourite card ever. I bought this for Meg for her birthday last year and she kept it and put it on her whiteboard. I bought the card at @JVStudios in Ottawa which is a totally great shop. You should go if you can.

I will sometimes look on instagram or on facebook and see people who seem to be #winningatlife. But then I remember that all social media is curated for an audience of consumers. Most of what we see on social media is designed to be aspirational. It’s the highest version of whatever we’re trying to put out there into the universe – best parent, best partner, best friend, best experience, etc. But it’s not the whole picture. It’s a very partial view and I try to remind myself of that every time those pangs of, “how come my life doesn’t look like X” spring up. That’s just a thought and it will go as quickly as it came.

For me, I want to be a good mom, good partner, good leader, good friend, good daughter, good sister, good person. Oh, and I want to be super healthy. And financially secure. And I’d like to sleep. And watch netflix. And do nothing sometimes. When I start to add up the waking hours in the day and the days in the week, the math just doesn’t work. So I make trade offs as I’m sure you do. Some days I’m ok with the trade offs, some days I think I’ve made the wrong choices or haven’t been able to find the right balance. And that’s ok. I tell myself, “I’m doing my very best”, and I mean it. Just don’t forgot to remind yourself that you are too. xo Janet

Published by Janet Gwilliam-Wright

Feminist and queer. Professional teller of truths. Slayer of personal demons.

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