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i found my wheelhouse

Wheelhouse Cycle’s Instagram account is fire.  Special shout out to Managing Partner Laura Moran!

I have had a very hard week and part of why it has been so hard is that I haven’t been able to go to one of my happy places Wheelhouse Cycle. I have been spinning at WH since last July and I’m at almost 80 rides. I’m super proud of this for a whole bunch of reasons, mostly because when I started, I was so overweight and out of shape I could barely complete a 45 minute class.

Now, when I miss my Wednesday night class with Christine like I did this week, I’m not myself. I love going, it’s my safe space, and I really like that I feel like I’m a member of a community. It’s hard to describe it if you haven’t been to a class, but it’s like Soul Cycle, only better. These folks really care about being inclusive and kind, treating everybody and every body with respect and appreciation. I missed my Centretown people this week but I’ll see you Sunday morning. I’ve found my Wheelhouse. What’s yours? xo Janet

2 comments on “i found my wheelhouse

  1. Maya Nightingake says:

    I also love Wheelhouse! I live right next door 🙂 My new obsession is UVU on Bank at Nepean. Again – they create such a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere, that you actually *want* to go! Keep it up, Janet!


    1. Thanks Maya! Yes have heard great things about UVU as well!


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