zero chill and other sayings I wish I could use

I love me some LLM. Credit: Urban Dictionary

Yesterday I had what the young people would call, “zero chill”. I am not naturally a patient person. I’m an understanding person, but not patient. And this week I have had a “zero chill” week. I have had moments where I was ok but mostly I have been super impatient, annoyed and generally anxious. When I get this way, I know it’s time to, well, chill. And mostly, stop thinking about work and obsessing over the details. This is where the concept of having “no chill” really comes in handy. If a young person had told me this on Tuesday, I would have maybe been able to find some chill before Friday. Thanks for nothing young people.

So, I am heading into a long weekend with the hopes of taking three glorious days away from work and doing a lot of nothing. Tomorrow, we’re heading to the Summer Solstice Pow Wow here in Ottawa to celebrate National Indigenous Month which will be great, I’m really looking forward to taking the girls to that. I’m also planning on spending a lot of time in my Beyoncé Homecoming sweatshirt. Even though I wasn’t at Coachella last year, when I wear the sweatshirt a part of me feels like I was. But mostly, I’m going to chill out. This looks different for everybody but for me, it looks like giving my brain a rest. Just relaxing with a book (I just bought this one), playing with girls outside in the sun, spending time with Meg, eating good food and exercise (WH vs. the Basics on Sunday morning!). So, I’m happy to have three days off. Maybe I will be able to find some chill. xo Janet

Published by Janet Gwilliam-Wright

Feminist and queer. Professional teller of truths. Slayer of personal demons.

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