Lucky number 13


 Meg and I at Toronto Pride around 2005 or 2006

This is a big week around here  – we’re getting our house ready to sell, I got to do my first real photo shoot on the weekend which was amazing and yesterday, Meg and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. By celebrated, I mean I stayed home from work so sick I could barely get out of bed, Meg ran around getting stuff sorted with the house, painting walls, talking to the painters who were here all day and keeping Lenni occupied and happy. That’s what August 19th looked like for us this year.

Now to be fair, we went out on Friday night and had a really wonderful evening eating out, meeting the amazing Vanessa Vanjie Mateo and seeing a fabulous drag show. We were out way past out bedtime and it was great.

Pride this year is very special for me because I’m part of the Wheelhouse community and they are doing some amazing things in support of the queer community in Ottawa. If you’re not following them on @instagram, you’re missing out.

It’s also special for me because it’s the 18th Pride I’ll be celebrating with Meg. 18 years of anything is amazing; 18 years of celebrating being queer and proud with a woman I love so much, who teaches me something every day, who is an amazing person and mom, is really something. There’s no secret to a being with the same person for a long time if that’s your thing. You have to do the work on yourself and your relationship, you have to keep showing up, keep choosing that person. Don’t take them or the things they do for you for granted. And if you do, say you’re sorry and mean it. Change your roles. Change your expectations. Manage your expectations. Remember that they’re flawed and fallible too and don’t hold it against them or throw it in their face. Be kind to yourself and them. Happy pride everyone and honey, happy anniversary. Xo Janet

Published by Janet Gwilliam-Wright

Feminist and queer. Professional teller of truths. Slayer of personal demons.

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