New resource on the blog: Janet’s quick tips on how to deal with work stress

Ok so I can’t help myself even though I’m on vacation. I started thinking about how I could offer some tips that I use many times at work to manage my stress. They’re short but hopefully you find them helpful! Xo Janet

Janet’s Top Ten signs you need a break from work

10. You swear Jesus Christ at the top of your lungs to no one in particular when you’re reading something on your screen. 9. You read your emails and start immediately rolling your eyes or shaking your head. Again, saying nothing and directed at no one in particular. 8. You can’t remember the last timeContinue reading “Janet’s Top Ten signs you need a break from work”

enforcing my boundaries is a pain in the ass

Meg posted this on Facebook a little while ago and even though I don’t know who Amy Wright Glenn is, I really loved this. Then I started to think about what it actually means for me to be able to do this and I got very uncomfortable. Boundaries are hard for me. I have onlyContinue reading “enforcing my boundaries is a pain in the ass”

Dear daughter, know your worth: a letter I wish my mom had written

There are so many conversations I wish I had had with my mom but never got the chance to. I wish she had told me to know my worth and not settle for being undervalued or overlooked. I have struggled with feelings of low self esteem since I was young and unfortunately, as life takesContinue reading “Dear daughter, know your worth: a letter I wish my mom had written”

I’ve always been a “big girl” and I think I’m finally ok with that

I’ve been called just about every body shaming name in the book – thunder thighs, fat, overweight, fatty, chunky, rolly polly, big girl, fasto, heavy, plump, heavy-set, etc. I got so used to being body shamed as a kid that I just stopped even fighting against it and internalized it as something that was justContinue reading “I’ve always been a “big girl” and I think I’m finally ok with that”

leadership is courageous and courage can be learned

Remember that you have shown strength in the face of pain or grief and you have probably at some point done something that frightens you. Courage mon ami, take heart.

anatomy of a panic attack

Panic attacks, if you’ve ever had one, are not fun. You may feel like you’re going to pass out or that you’re dying. You may feel your arms or hands go numb. You may cry or shake. I’m a crier and my hands shake. This happened to me four weeks ago when I was travelingContinue reading “anatomy of a panic attack”