Resume writing

Your resume or curriculum vitae is your professional first impression – it is an essential product in any job search or career change. Let me work editorial magic to highlight your skills, education and experience. A polished product normally takes me one to two hours.


Are you looking to change jobs? Careers? Compete for a promotion? Are you wondering how to get more meaning from your work? Use different skills? Have difficult conversations with a coworker, boss or employees? I work with people from all different industries and the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to find their voice and use it to be their more authentic selves at work. Coaching is by Skype and can fit around your busy schedule.

Interview prep

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Does the thought of an interview make you break out into a cold sweat? Dry mouth? Fear of not knowing what to say? These are all completely normal responses! I specialize in putting interview strategies in place that are tailored for your industry and level. I use visualization and other grounding techniques to help you stay calm and project your most authentic and well spoken self in any interview situation!

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