Getting (back) on the bike

I hit a 100 rides yesterday at Wheelhouse and that to me is a huge deal. It’s a special achievement for those of us who ride and I’ve been counting down the rides for awhile now. I was so lit up last night in that room, getting to the end, pushing myself to dig deeper,Continue reading “Getting (back) on the bike”

I’ve always been a “big girl” and I think I’m finally ok with that

I’ve been called just about every body shaming name in the book – thunder thighs, fat, overweight, fatty, chunky, rolly polly, big girl, fasto, heavy, plump, heavy-set, etc. I got so used to being body shamed as a kid that I just stopped even fighting against it and internalized it as something that was justContinue reading “I’ve always been a “big girl” and I think I’m finally ok with that”

i found my wheelhouse

I have had a very hard week and part of why it has been so hard is that I haven’t been able to go to one of my happy places Wheelhouse Cycle. I have been spinning at WH since last July and I’m at almost 80 rides. I’m super proud of this for a wholeContinue reading “i found my wheelhouse”