Is there a higher power?

I had a really interesting conversation recently with someone who told me that they had found their spirituality through recovery. I admire the resolve, the belief that there are higher powers. I’m not a believer in a higher power, never have been. I just don’t get it. It’s a difficult thing to admit but I’veContinue reading “Is there a higher power?”

enforcing my boundaries is a pain in the ass

Meg posted this on Facebook a little while ago and even though I don’t know who Amy Wright Glenn is, I really loved this. Then I started to think about what it actually means for me to be able to do this and I got very uncomfortable. Boundaries are hard for me. I have onlyContinue reading “enforcing my boundaries is a pain in the ass”

Having kids in your 40s will keep you young (or kill you)

I saw yesterday that Candace Bushnell has written a book about mid life. She’s 60. I’m guessing that she’s not planning on living to 120 so let’s get real, ok? I admire Candace’s work, loved Sex and the City and am happy for her that she’s written a book about her sex life at 60.Continue reading “Having kids in your 40s will keep you young (or kill you)”

I’m a motherless daughter

This is me at 6, I was pretty cute. This little girl has no idea the storm that’s coming. My mom died at 49. I’m now 42. This is a bizarre fact that I’ve only just come to appreciate as something I have to work through. I have had so much health anxiety for yearsContinue reading “I’m a motherless daughter”

my midlife crisis

How’s my midlife crisis going you ask? Really well, thank you.  My midlife meltdown started about four years ago at 38, I’ve always been mature for my age.  By the time I turned 40, it was in full swing.  I was restless and anxious, questioning why I was feeling so unhappy.  I thought I wasContinue reading “my midlife crisis”