Having kids in your 40s will keep you young (or kill you)

I saw yesterday that Candace Bushnell has written a book about mid life. She’s 60. I’m guessing that she’s not planning on living to 120 so let’s get real, ok? I admire Candace’s work, loved Sex and the City and am happy for her that she’s written a book about her sex life at 60.Continue reading “Having kids in your 40s will keep you young (or kill you)”

I’m a motherless daughter

This is me at 6, I was pretty cute. This little girl has no idea the storm that’s coming. My mom died at 49. I’m now 42. This is a bizarre fact that I’ve only just come to appreciate as something I have to work through. I have had so much health anxiety for yearsContinue reading “I’m a motherless daughter”