Our wedding

I’ve been thinking a lot about our wedding recently, not only because it was our anniversary on Monday but because I see so many images of same sex couples in bridal magazines and now I can buy a same sex couple a greeting card at Chapters if I need one. 13 years ago, when MegContinue reading “Our wedding”

Lucky number 13

  This is a big week around here  – we’re getting our house ready to sell, I got to do my first real photo shoot on the weekend which was amazing and yesterday, Meg and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. By celebrated, I mean I stayed home from work so sick I could barely get out ofContinue reading “Lucky number 13”

I’m a “real” mom too

Let’s keep talking about assumptions, ok? When our first daughter Finley was born in 2011, I was so happy. I couldn’t stop smiling. I wanted to hold her constantly. Meg had had a very difficult pregnancy, lots of nausea and discomfort. She could barely eat hot food. I spent a lot of time at SubwayContinue reading “I’m a “real” mom too”

Please don’t ask me if I have a husband, k?

Assumptions can be a real problem. For example, I look a certain way and I wear a wedding band therefore I must be married to a man, right? I have children therefore I must have given birth to them. I’m a lesbian therefore I must dislike men. You get the picture. Making assumptions is aContinue reading “Please don’t ask me if I have a husband, k?”

coming out is about the person outing themselves

I want to talk a bit about the comment I made in my post yesterday that I wasn’t able to come out to my mom because she passed away before I did. In fact, I think I knew for a long time that I was gay but I also knew that as a teenager, thatContinue reading “coming out is about the person outing themselves”